Top Tire Maintenance Tips For For Your Subaru

When properly maintained, a tough Subaru car, hatchback or SUV can handle almost any bump in the road. Proper maintenance is key to ensuring your safety on the road, starting from the ground up. That's why it's important to check your tires regularly for any abnormalities. A driver's ability to retain control over his or her vehicle depends on the traction between the tires and the road. When the tires' treads wear down, the vehicle loses traction, making driving in harsh weather conditions difficult. With minimal traction, diverting liquid like snow or rain away from your tires is more challenging.

You can easily check if the treads on your tires are worn down enough to require servicing. Take a penny, and place it upside down in the grooves of each tire. If the top of Lincoln's head or any copper above it is visible, bring your vehicle to our service center so we can replace your tires. If Lincoln's hair is only partially covered, you'll be purchasing tires soon. But if all of his hair is covered, you have plenty of time before your visit to our tire service center near Toms River.

More Tire Maintenance Tips For Savvy Subaru Drivers:

  • Ask us to rotate your tires too when you get an oil change. That way your tires wear more evenly.

  • Get your tires replaces every six years or 50,000 miles to prevent aging.

  • If you feel abnormalities like sudden loss of tire pressure or vibrations, pull over and inspect the tires.

  • Check the tire pressure monthly with an air pressure gauge to avoid blowouts and flats.

  • Watch for wear bars (smooth rubber across the tire head), bubbles in the tire and cracking along the tread.

Don't hesitate to visit our Subaru dealership in Lakewood if you have any questions about your tires! Our expert service team is happy to take a look at your vehicle anytime.